Ready for Harvest 24?


SMART Season

The Value of Preparing with C&O

Top Level Support throughout Harvest ’24

At C&O we understand the importance of having a great harvest, our part in that is making sure that you have the right parts ready for you and the right back up when you need it.

Genuine AGCO Parts are available at the best prices from C&O, either call or visit your local C&O Parts team or order direct from AGCO’s C&O Store and collect from your local parts counter.

By choosing to use genuine AGCO consumable parts you get the quality you expect and the reliability that you need.

We understand that planning ahead does not always guarantee things will go smoothly and you can find yourself with time-sensitive work to do and no machine to do it with, C&O are there to protect you and your schedule. Your local C&O Service team will support your equipment both in house and out in the field so nothing will put a stop to your harvest.

Call now or Click Here to shop parts online

DEVON – 01884 400 100
DORSET – 01258 451 221
ISLE OF WIGHT – 01983 524 413
SOMERSET – 01460 241 286
W. SUSSEX & E. HANTS – 01243 682 025
WILTSHIRE & W. HANTS – 01722 742 141