Massey Ferguson Balers

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Massey Ferguson logo

Massey Ferguson balers provide solutions for all crops and needs. The range includes conventional, round and big square balers, all engineered to deliver exceptional bales with maximum material, easy handling, storage and use.

Massey Ferguson balers use the latest technology to ensure the operator can easily monitor output and store data on bales.


  • Fixed chamber round baler
  • 1.5m³  bale chamber volume
  • 3 models available

The 2017 launch of MF RB fixed chamber balers have seen Welger’s baler expertise combined with Massey Ferguson’s harvesting heritage to deliver an extremely reliable and high performing range of baler models tailored to your specific needs producing high density hay, silage or straw bales, while remain simple, easy to set up and adjust.

Massey Ferguson RB F


  • Fixed chamber round baler wrapper
  • 1.5m³  bale chamber volume

Our MF RB 3130 F Protec baler combines all the benefits of Massey Ferguson’s fixed chamber baler with the addition of an integrated, specially designed wrapper device for fast, non-stop baling and wrapping on the go.


  • Variable chamber round baler
  • 1.6m or 1.8m diameter bales
  • 2 models available

Massey Ferguson RB V balers feature a patented bale formation system with a Constant Pressure System (CPS) that combines spring and hydraulic action producing dense and uniform bales. Consistent bale density is essential for all baled products, and the new range of MF variable chamber round balers offer farmers the best solution due to their class-leading compaction, cutter and pick-up capabilities.


MF 1840

  • Small square baler
  • Centre-line design
  • Bale size 356mm x 457mm

The centre-line design of the efficient MF 1840 baler ensures the crop doesn’t turn in the chamber, producing exceptional bales. With a narrow transport width, 1.9m wide pick up with standard gauge wheels, short stroke and high speed this is the ideal machine for delivering quality small square bales.

Massey Ferguson balers - MF1840 small square baler

MF 1842S

  • High-Capacity Small square baler
  • Centre-line design
  • Bale size 356mm x 457mm

The new MF 1842S small square baler continues the Massey Ferguson baling tradition by offering a new high performance, heavy-duty, high capacity baler, which provides exceptional efficiency for the commercial producer all over the world. The MF 1842S is designed to deliver excellent value for money while providing uncompromising performance.

MF 2200

  • Large square baler
  • Six models
  • Five key sizes

The MF 2200 series make dense, well formed bales and are renowned for their reliability, longevity and low cost of ownership. The balers are fully ISO-compliant and can be used on any tractor with an ISO VT terminal.

Massey Ferguson balers - MF 2200 Large Square Balers


  • Trailed Round Baler Wrapper
  • Two models

The MF TW 130 and MF TW 160 are easy to use straightforward wrappers with a grid frame and exceptionally low
wrapping table. They’re equipped with a strong, welded loading arm that can be adjusted between 0.9m and 1.60m. The arm can
lift bales up to 1.30m diameter (max. 1000kg) for the MF TW 130 and up to 1.60m diameter (max. 1250kg) for the MF TW 160.