Kverneland - Available at C&O Funtington, Isle of Wight and Wilton

Kverneland manufacture a wide range of agricultural machinery including drills, cultivation tools, fertiliser spreaders, grassland tools, choppers and feeder / bedding tools.

Kverneland machinery and parts are available exclusively at C&O Funtington, Isle of Wight and Wilton depots.

Kverneland Product Range

Soil Equipment

A wide range of products are available from Seedbed Cultivators, Subsoilers and Strip Till Cultivators, Mounted and semi-mounted reversible and conventional ploughs and an extensive range of choppers.

Kverneland cultivation machinery at C&O Tractors - Funtington, Isle of Wight & Wilton


The range of drills available cater for all requirements, including Pneumatic Seeds Drills, combination and mounted models.

Drills - Kverneland

Spreading Equipment

From small and compact, to GPS controlled, weighing and high capacity models there is an extensive range of Disc spreaders.

Kverneland Exacta fertiliser spreaders - C&O Funtington, Isle of Wight & Wilton depots.

Forage Equipment

Full range of grassland machinery, bale wrappers and wagons.

Kverneland 8590

Feeding Equipment

Feeder/choppers and diet feeders with single, twin or triple augers.

Kverneland Diet Feeder

Available from C&O:
Isle of Wight