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British manufacturers Mzuri are relatively new to the marketplace but they have already built a solid reputation for quality drills and cultivation products. Championing the strip till drilling method they are producing trailed and mounted models and also manufacturing straw rakes and subsoilers.

Watch our 2018 demo with a Pro Til 3T drill:

Product Range

The PRO-TIL one-pass strip tillage drills cultivate a uniform till and place the seed at a controlled depth providing the ideal soil environment for each seed to germinate quickly and grow to achieve its full potential.

Available in 3 and 4 metre trailed versions and a 3 metre mounted format.


Mzuri Pro Til 3T

The PRO-TIL Select series can drill in a choice of narrower or wider row spacings. The wide row option makes the Select particularly suited for crops such as maize, oilseed rape and legumes. It is equally at home with drilling narrowly-spaced crops including wheat, barley and oats.

The PRO-TIL Select is available in 3, 4 and 6 metre trailed models.

Mzuri PRO-TIL Select

Mzuri Pro Til Select 6T Drill at C&O Tractors

The REZULT straw rake marks a major advance in straw and stale seedbed management, and is the ideal tool to control Black-grass, cut slug activity and accelerate straw decomposition.

Rezult Straw Rake

Cultivation at C&O - Mzuri Rezult - Linkage Mounted Straw Rake

The REHAB low disturbance subsoiler is a specially designed to increase available oxygen and nutrients to promote quick root development and a healthy plant.

Mzuri Rehab

Cultivation at C&O - Mzuri Rehab Subsoiler

Mzuri developed their Razorback self-levelling rotary hedgecutter from their base in the UK. The Razorback features revolutionary Co-Pilot technology and a rotary blade design.


Mzuri Razorback hedgecutters

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