Fertiliser Spreaders

Kverneland - Available at C&O Funtington, Isle of Wight and Wilton

Kverneland have over 125 years experience manufacturing agricultural machinery. Kverneland’s Exacta disc fertiliser spreaders come in a range of sizes to cater for all requirements.

Kverneland machinery is available exclusively at C&O Funtington, Isle of Wight and Wilton depots.

Kverneland Exacta fertiliser spreaders - C&O Funtington, Isle of Wight & Wilton depots.
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Teagle‘s Centerliner SE, SX and C-Tech precision fertiliser spreaders are designed for ease of use, quality and accuracy.

The quadruple overlap distribution system is incredibly tolerant to sources of inaccuracy such as wind, variation in fertiliser characteristics and driver error.

Teagle Centerliner fertiliser spreaders from C&O Tractors