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Can-Am build ATV and Side-by-Side (SSV) utility vehicles ideal for a range of uses including, agricultural, hunting and leisure activities. The ATV models include the Outlander and Renegade ranges, in addition to a Youth model. The popular side by Side-by-Side model comes in the Traxter and Maverick ranges. Models are petrol powered and can be adapted to LPG.

Can-Am main models are available in either fully road legal or off-road configurations. C&O supply genuine Can-Am parts for and wide range of genuine accessories for the ATV and SSV vehicles including boxes, bumpers and door panels for SSV vehicles. Datatag or Tracker security systems can be fitted to your ATV or utility vehicle by your local C&O Service department.

Eligible NFU Farmer & Grower members can now get a discount on selected Can-Am utility ATV and utility SSV machines. Talk to us to see if you can benefit from the discount. Find out more. 



Available until December 31st 2023




Can-Am’s ATV range has the Outlander and Renegade models. The Outlander gives you power, stability and the best hauling in its market, made to perform in any terrain or season. The Renegade is the most powerful sport ATV available and leads the pack in the most challenging terrains.

2023 Outlander 450

  • 38 hp ( 29 kW )
  • 25-in. Carlisle Trail Wolf tires
  • Intelligent Throttle Control
  • Prewired for available winch
  • From £9,103
Outlander 450

2023 Outlander 570 T

  • 48 hp ( 36 kW )
  • 25-in. Carlisle† Trail Wolf tires
  • Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC)
  • From £8,503
Can-Am Outlander 570T

2023 Outlander Max DPS 570

  • 48 hp (36 kW)
  • 25-in. Carlisle Trail Wolf tires
  • tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering ( DPS)
  • Intelligent Throttle Control ( iTC)
  • From £11,403
Can-Am Outlander Max DPS 570

2023 Outlander Max XU+ 570 T

  • 48 hp (36 kW)
  • 26-in. Carlisle ACT HD 6-ply tires
  • Tri-Mode dynamic power steering
  • 1,588 kg winch, heated grips and throttle.
  • From 13,003
Can-Am Outlander XU+570

2023 Outlander DPS 1000 T

  • 80 hp (59 kW)
  • 26 in. ITP Terracross tires
  • 14 in. cast-aluminium wheels
  • Tri-Mode dynamic power steering ( DPS )
  • Heavy-duty front bumper
  • Mudguards
  • LED lights
  • From £14,307

2023 Renegade 110 EFI

  •  For ages 10 and up
  • 4-stroke engine with Electronic Fuel Injection ( EFI )
  • Fully automatic continuously variable transmission ( CVT )
  • Independent A-arm front suspension
  • Electric start
  • Built-in throttle limiter.
  • From £5,203

SSV (Side by Side) RANGE

Can-Am Side by Sides encompass the true workhorses of the Traxter range, from 2 to 6 seater models designed to carry passengers and payload and with an impressive towing capacity.

2023 Traxter Base HD7

  • 52hp ( 38 kW)
  • 11 in.(28 cm) ground clearance
  • 27-in. Maxxis Coronadotires
  • VERSA-PRO bench seat
  • 7.6″ digital display
  • From £14,999

2023 Traxter XU HD7 T

  • 52 hp. (38 kW)
  • 11in. (28 cm) ground clearance
  • 27-in.Maxxis Coronado tires
  • 2,041 kg winch
  • Dynamic power steering ( DPS)
  • From: £17,199

2023 Traxter DPS HD9

  • 65 hp (48 kW )
  • Up to 11 in. ( 28 cm) ground clearance
  • 27-in. XPS Trail Force tires
  • Versa-Pro bench seat
  • Dynamic Power Steering (DPS)
  • From: £17,899
Can-Am Traxter DPS Hd9

2023 Traxter Pro DPS HD10

  • 82 hp (61 kW)
  • 13 in. (33 cm) ground clearance
  • 27 in.XPS Trail King tires
  • VERSA-PRO bench seat
  • Lower Storage 316.5L
  • Integrated front steel bumper
  • From: £22,299
Can-Am Traxter PRO DPS HD10

2023 Traxter 6X6 DPS HD10

  • 82 hp (61 kW)
  • Up to 13 ini.(33 cm) ground clearance
  • 27 in.XPS trail king tires
  • Dynamic power steering
  • Industry-leading 3,000 lb or 1,360kg towing capacity
  • From: £24,099
Can-Am Traxter 6x6 DPS HD10

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Pick any model in Can-Am’s lineup, from Outlander to Maverick SSV and build it to your needs and requirements. Add accessories to build your own dream ride. Experience top quality accessories that work right, fit right and feel right as they’re all created by Can-Am for Can-Am.

  • Quality – Quality and seamless integration is an integral part of everything Can-am does and makes. With an unwavering commitment to high performance engineering.
  • Reliability – Countless years of expertise and experience allow for accessories that can’t be matched.
  • Style – Get far more out of your Can-AM off-road vehicle when you make it your own! With customization and genuine top quality Can-Am accessories.

With an EXTENSIVE RANGE OF UPGRADES, PARTS AND MAINTENANCE TOOLS available for your ATV and SSV you really can make your machine your perfect partner.

From C&O’s Blandford, Funtington and IOW depots you can purchase a selection of Can-Am clothing and accessories, or browse the full range of CAN-AM CLOTHES AND RIDING GEAR online to ensure you are perfectly kitted out for your next adventure.

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