Technology Solutions


C&O Tractors can help you navigate the range of options helping you to choose the right Technology Solutions for your farm.

We offer an extensive range of  satellite guidance tools, ranging from fully integrated systems on new Massey Ferguson tractors, to retrofitted systems for older machines and systems that work as part of multi-brand fleets. Agricultural guidance systems are now no longer just for large arable operations, there are smaller scale systems designed to meet the needs of livestock and mixed farms. In 2024 AGCO launched PTx, a global provider of seamlessly compatible, powerfully simple precision ag solutions.




AGCO Fuse is a comprehensive approach to precision farming technology developed by AGCO Corporation. The AGCO Fuse system integrates different digital systems to help farmers optimise their operations, increase productivity, and improve efficiency in the field.

At its core, AGCO Fuse consists of a suite of digital tools and services that enable farmers to gather, manage, and analyse data from their farming operations. This data includes information about yields, soil conditions, machinery performance, and more.

The key components of the AGCO Fuse system include:

  • Telematics: This involves the use of onboard sensors and communication devices installed on farm equipment to collect real-time data about its operation and performance. Telematics technology enables farmers to monitor the location, status, and usage of their machinery remotely.
  • Precision Farming: AGCO Fuse incorporates precision farming technologies such as GPS guidance, variable rate application, and auto-steering systems to optimize field operations. These technologies help farmers improve the accuracy and efficiency of tasks such as planting, fertilizing, and spraying.
  • Data Management: The AGCO Fuse system includes software platforms and tools for organizing, analysing, and visualising the data collected from farm operations. This data management capability allows farmers to make informed decisions based on insights derived from their data.
  • Connectivity: AGCO Fuse enables seamless connectivity between farm equipment, agricultural machinery dealers, and agronomic service providers through cloud-based platforms and mobile applications. This connectivity facilitates communication, collaboration, and support across the agricultural value chain.



MF Connect is Massey Ferguson’s fleet management solution that enables remote and near real time monitoring and decision making. Machine data can be used to make informed operational decisions on logistics.

MF Connect is now available as standard with 5 years subscription on the MF IDEAL and all 6-cylinder tractors.

MF Connect is the central telemetry solution helping operators to manage their entire fleet of MF machines. With MF Connect, machine data is collected and evaluated, so farmers and contractors can monitor, analyse and optimise the condition and use of their machines, optimise work efficiency and minimise downtime. Mobile data transmission means that real time machine data can be retrieved anywhere – from the office desktop, tablet or smartphone. With Geofencing you can improve your logistics management by receiving notifications on your smart device when your machines leave or reach previously defined areas. You will also be informed of any unusual machine activity.

In co-operation with your MF Dealer, MF Connect can help you keep your machine in optimum condition, increasing uptime by making sure your machines are ready to work whenever they are needed. MF technology solutions enable service and maintenance notifications keep you informed of the machine condition, and help schedule planned maintenance outside of busy periods.



The clear and concise 9″ touch screen, which employs tablet and smartphone technology, enables operators to access and change settings quickly and instinctively. Using a single terminal operators can bring up pages to set the hydraulics, transmission, engine and set-up and run the outstanding headland management system.


Massey Ferguson’s complete guidance system for hands free steering, available factory fit on new tractors or as an after-market installation. MF Guide offers a choice of sub-metre, decimetre or centimetre accuracy, to increase the efficiency of your farming operations.


MF ISOBUS is the gateway to control any ISOBUS implement from the tractor cab. Integral ISOBUS compatibility cuts clutter in the cab, allowing the terminal to provide simple plug & play control of a wide range of implements. This also saves money on the cost of an additional terminal, with Datatronic 5 also delivering a better, easier to use operating interface. Switches on the MultiPad joystick can also be used to control ISOBUS implements, enabling operators to customize the set-up to their particular needs for easier operation.


MF Rate Control provides single and variable rate control with configurations to control up to 36 sections and 5 products.


MF Section Control reduces overlap while increasing input savings.


Improve the portability of automatic guidance data to save time and money. This web-based tool converts AB-lines from, and into, different manufacturer’s formats, enabling you to easily convert straight waylines and field boundaries.



TaskDoc records data quickly and easily to create field records, make job reports and keep accurate records of inputs. This information can be transferred simply, wirelessly from the terminal in a format compatible with most farm management software.

The TaskDoc™ Pro version, also enables recording of the GPS position data and data transfer in real-time. This makes automatic, seamless exchange with ISOXML-capable field management software and mapping possible. The data for the operating inputs that have been used are transferred and can also be monitored through the Datatronic 5 terminal while working.



This universal data exchange platform lets you connect machinery and agricultural software, regardless of vendor or manufacturer. You can also determine who to exchange data with, whom, and to what extent.