Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

C&O Tractors can help you navigate the range of options helping you to choose the right Technology Solutions for your farm.

We offer an extensive range of  satellite guidance tools, ranging from fully integrated systems on new tractors, to retrofitted systems for older machines and systems that work as part of multi-brand fleets. Agricultural guidance systems are now no longer just for large arable operations, there are smaller scale systems designed to meet the needs of livestock and mixed farms.

Most people are familiar with GPS (Global Positioning Systems), but the GPS systems that would work in your car only give 5-10m accuracy. That might be fine if you are driving your car but modern agriculture demands a greater degree of accuracy. This is where Technology Solutions comes in, there are a range of auto guidance correction systems that give you different levels of accuracy, right down to 2.5cm.

Agco Technology Solutions can help you in a range of activities, including;

  • Planning – Keep accurate records of fields, mapping and analysis, including water control and drainage.
  • Seeding & Planting – Utilise whole vehicle accuracy and implement control whilst monitoring Crop Input Control systems.
  • Spraying & Spreading – Spread accurately and monitor dispersal location across your farm.
  • Harvesting – Monitor every aspect of your harvesting from yield mapping, mositure sensing to bale weight.
  • Drainage & Land Levelling – Monitor drainage and use survey data to design land level prescriptions.