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SANY Excavators are built strong to tackle the toughest jobs. From road building, to earth moving, to construction, our powerful excavators, wheel loaders and piling rigs are designed to provide the highest level of reliability and are fitted with trusted components from the world’s best suppliers. The SANY tough and reliable approach means these machines will never let you down.

Mini Excavators

Ranging from 1.6t to 8t, SANY mini excavators are versatile multipurpose machines for use on any construction site or landscaping project. The latest generation offers impressive technical standards and excellent value for money. The very latest hydraulic systems make them even more powerful, efficient and flexible. And they also offer maximum user comfort, making work even easier and safer. Experience for yourself how small big excavator power can be.

SANY Excavator

Medium Excavators

Ranging from 14t to 30t, SANY medium excavators are built for any task. Their robust build and reliable components mean they can perform in almost any application and are able to cope with the high demands of UK & Irish jobsites. Comfortable and safe, these machines are a great addition to any fleet.


Large Excavators

Ready for the toughest environments, SANY large excavators have been tested to the limit and perform in heavy duty applications. Reliability is a key component in SANY large excavators, that’s why they have been built using the industry’s most trusted components.


Demolition Excavators

The SANY SY500HRD has been designed for maximum productivity under continuous stress. The machine’s sturdy design and special extendible chassis result in outstanding stability.