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Massey Ferguson tractors offer performance, comfort and uncompromising quality. C&O Tractors are main dealers for the full range of Massey Ferguson tractors, from compact tractors, specialist crop tractors  and low, medium and high horsepower agricultural tractors.

Efficient, reliable engines using the latest technology work with sophisticated yet user-friendly transmissions to meet the farmer’s needs and get the most out of a wide range of implements, while keeping running costs to the minimum.

The flagship of the Massey Ferguson fleet launched in 2020, the 8S Series offers a new range of straightforward, dependable tractors.

The S Series are delivering extra efficiency, comfort, safety and style for high spec Massey Ferguson tractors.

The Massey Ferguson Global Series are modern tractors are purpose-built for ease of use, cost effective operation and superior reliability without compromising comfort or performance.

MF 9S Series

  • AGCO POWER 8.4 litre, 6-cylinder
  • NEW Protect-U cab and MFv Digital dashboard
  • NEW Dyna VT transmission
  • Great power to weight ratio
  • Automatic mode, Power Control and Fingertip Multipad control
  • Max power at 1,850 RPM, reducing fuel, noise and wear

MF 8S Series

  • AGCO POWER 7.4 litre, 6-cylinder
  • NEW Protect-U cab and MFv Digital dashboard
  • NEW Dyna-7 and Dyna E-Power transmissions
  • Powerful hydraulics enable quick and versatile operation of implements
  • Low cost of operation: maintenance free components and reduced
    fuel consumption
  • Powerful yet economical: max. power and torque at low engine revs cuts fuel consumption by 10%
Tractors for hire - MF 8S

MF 8700 S

  • 270-400 hp
  • AGCO Power Engine 6 cylinder
  • Displacement 8.4 litres

The ground-breaking MF 8700 S Series offers some of the most efficient, effective and usable power in its category, along with 12,000kg rear lift capacity.

MF8735 S


  • 155-220 hp
  • DYNA 6/VT Transmission
  • 9600kg max lift capacity

The new MF 7S incorporates the very latest technology to set new standards in ease of operation and reliability, to provide the user with the ultimate in efficiency while reducing operating costs.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of farming professionals, whatever your business and operations, the MF 7S is ideally suited for use in a range of applications from mixed farming to arable and contracting businesses.

Available with a wide choice of engine capacities, transmissions, cab specifications, hydraulics and PTO options, you can tailor your MF 7S to precisely match your needs.


  • 135-200 hp
  • DYNA 6/VT Transmission
  • 9600kg max lift capacity

The new MF 6S continues the tradition launched with the iconic MF 8S, imposing itself as a straightforward and dependable tractor : operating your MF 6S you’ll experience amazing power, agility, engineered quality and distinctive style day after day.

Its new bonnet with the characteristic saber line will capture and hold your attention, accentuating its compact dimensions.

An extremely responsive engine will allow you to blend all benefits of a four-cylinder machine with a pulling, pushing and lifting power to match a comparable six-cylinder tractor.

The result is a tractor that combines concentrated energy and power density, suiting perfectly the needs of those seeking a machine with reduced dimensions, yet with the carrying and power capacity at each end to lift and drive the very latest implements.


  • 105-145 hp
  • DYNA 4/6 Transmission
  • 6000kg max lift capacity

Simply the best-in-class tractor between 105hp and 145hp, the new MF 5S Series offers a choice of five models with a totally new, upgraded design incorporating the iconic sabre line livery.

Agile and nimble, it offers best-in-class visibility combined with excellent manoeuvrability from its tight, 4m turning radius. Delivering great performance, the MF 5S combines economy with high levels of comfort and control along with a wide choice of equipment and options to suit all applications.

Developed to tackle all challenges and tasks on the farm efficiently and economically, the MF 5S is indisputably the first choice for contractors, dairy, livestock and arable farmers as well as other producers.

MF 5700 M

  • 95-135 hp
  • 12×12 / Dyna 4
  • 4 cylinder, 4.4 litres
  • 4,300kg / 5,200 rear linkage capacity

With this new and straightforward range, Massey Ferguson offers a highly modern, high performance, heavy duty tractor that delivers exceptional efficiency for every type of farmer.

MF 4700 M

  • 82-100 hp
  • 12×12 synchronised mechanical transmission
  • 3,000kg lift capacity

This modern workhorse is a straightforward, high performance, heavy duty Global series tractor providing exceptional efficiency for all farms.


MF 3

  • 75-120 hp
  • 6 models
  • Specialist uses

The new MF 3 Speciality series is the perfect partner for specialist producers looking for a powerful and economical tractor, which efficiently performs a wide range of tasks while reducing running costs. The range encompasses tractors for Vineyards (Vi), Specialised (SP), Fruit (FR), Ground Effect (GE), Wide Fruit (WF) and Alpine (AL) environments.

Developed to deliver higher performance, the tractors combine comfort and straightforward operation with a new, flagship expanding the range to 120hp, providing the power to perform the most demanding tasks.

MF 1700 M

  • 35-67 hp
  • Cab option
  • 1600kg lift capacity

The new design delivers a high specification, which includes a Stage V compliant engine, a new HST transmission (with precise control and faster top speed) as well as a new factory-fitted cab. Built to handle a wide range of applications with ease, they deliver the highest level of performance, power, reliability and comfort.

MF 1700 E

  • 35-54 hp
  • 2 models
  • 1200kg lift capacity

Robustly engineered to easily cope with a wide range of tasks, the MF 1700 E has been developed for smaller farms and related businesses, including intensive horticulture, vineyards, orchards and other operations where space is at a premium.

MF 1500

  • 20-25 hp
  • ROPS
  • 600kg lift capacity

The MF 1500 Series has a reputation for performance and reliability in diverse applications. Massey Ferguson has strengthened its position in the compact tractor sector by introducing a hydrostatic transmission model powered by a three cylinder diesel engine.