Opico Sward Slitter Special on Farm Price

Opico Sward Slitter Special on Farm Price

Special on Farm Price

3m: £3,650

6m: £7,900

Opico Sward Slitter Special on Farm price available during February and March 2020 while stocks last.

The Grassland Sward Slitter improves aeration of plant roots in the upper soil surface and stimulates grass and clover growth. Aeration of the sward root zone is critical for a healthy ley. Slitting allows oxygen interchange through the soil surface and also encourages evaporation of moisture in the surface layer of soil so that it dries out more quickly – this will promote earlier growth in the Spring.
Whilst slitting or spiking of grassland is not new, OPICO have taken a fresh look at the design of the Grassland Sward Slitter’s blades and incorporated a chamfered trailing edge. This limits the turf damage when each knife comes out of the soil, so leaving a better finish.

Features of the Grassland Sward Slitter

  • Chamfered Trailing Blade Edge
  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • Weight Carrying Rack
  • Protective Skid
  • Improved Aeration

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