Hardi Navigator – Free Upgrade


Hardi Navigator - Free Upgrade

Talk to us about the new Hardi Navigator – Free Upgrade scheme worth £2,821.

Find out how the Navigator saves you up to 10% checmical with Auto Nozzle Control

Upgrade and benefit from intelligent features:

  • AutoFill – makes filling easier and prevents overfilling
  • AutoWash – easier, safer and more efficient washing process

Hardi NAVIGATOR is synonymous with high quality and design which supports functionality. Properties which secure the value for money and ease of use. In the HARDI trailer family, NAVIGATOR offers features from mid-size to full specifi cation solutions.

The large range of high quality features makes the NAVIGATOR the obvious choice. Demands for simple and reliable solutions, serviceability and high capacity are universal world-wide. The product represents HARDI’s experience as sprayer specialist. The proven success for NAVIGATOR sprayers since the introduction has shown the value of this position.

IntelliTrack is a high-end steering drawbar concept combining the advantages of an excellently designed chassis with the use of advanced electronics. The tracking concept is easy to connect and operate, ensuring safe tracking even in difficult field conditions. IntelliTrack has an integrated safety feature which prevents the cylinders from steering the drawbar when the driving speed is too high for the given track width.

AutoSelect – Change nozzles “on the go”

WIth AutoSelect you have the possibility to change between 4 functions:

  • Spray with nozzle A
  • Spray with nozzle B
  • Spray with nozzle A and B
  • Auto mode – here AutoSelect can work with pre-defined pressure settings or working speeds.

Excellent at speed changes
If you need to run with big changes in speed, AutoSelect can automatically, and instantly change between two sizes of nozzles, so one nozzles work can be taken over by a larger nozzle, at higher speeds. This will result in a higher droplet quality and a better application.

Change of dose during the spray job
If you need to change dose in the field, this can be done by changing to a more suited nozzle on the go – without compromising the spray quality. You have the possibility to use 9 to 13 sections and maximum 8 nozzles per section. AutoSelect works with air pressure, if you have a pneumatic brake system on your tractor your air source is already provided. If not, an air compressor is available as an option.

Hardi Navigator – Free Upgrade scheme, Terms & Conditions apply: Offer valid until June 9th on Navigator and Commander models only.