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Drive Smart

FREE* seat cover when you buy an MF seat

Take control of your cab comfort and improve your productivity

With Massey Ferguson‘s latest Drive Smart offer you can get a FREE seat cover when invest in your cab comfort and upgrade your tractor seat.

Set yourself up to farm at your best. Optimal cab visibility, seat support, cab ventilation and time saving features can really unlock efficiency. Limiting wear and tear on your body, reducing fatigue and helping you farm better for longer.

Ensuring that you’ve got the most comfortable set for you is a great way to start creating a cab that works for you, and for a limited time you can get a Free* seat cover with when you buy a new Massey Ferguson seat for your tractor.

Talk to your local C&O Parts team to find the right seat for your tractor. Drive Smart and enjoy a more comfortable working day.


*subject to terms & conditions.

Drive SMART 2023 – Free Seat Cover – Terms and Conditions – Customer Copy
1. Any AGCO Parts genuine operator seat listed below, which is ordered from your AGCO
dealer between 1st February and 30th April 2023 inclusive, will qualify for a free seat
protection cover.
2. The promotion offer is available only on orders placed in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy,
Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom.
3. The seat cover will be despatched to the dealer on receipt of a qualifying seat order being
placed and shipped to the dealer.
4. It is the dealer’s responsibility to ensure the cover is either fitted to your new seat or
forwarded on to you.
5. The seat covers are non-exchangeable, non-transferable and no cash alternatives are
offered from AGCO.
● The seat cover that may be presented visually, textually or orally in AGCO’s
promotion offer is not necessarily the same as the item to be supplied. AGCO
reserves the right to replace the seat cover with a seat cover of equal value.
● Follow-up costs, expenses and other costs triggered by a free seat cover must be
borne by the customer.
6. If your required seat is not in the promotion and you wish to order a cover for it, please
contact your dealer for Genuine AGCO seat covers available to purchase.
7. AGCO’s total liability in relation to this promotion is limited to the value of a single seat
cover available in the promotion. AGCO shall not be liable for any damage caused by the
fitting or use of this promotional seat cover and shall be indemnified by the participant from
all claims by third parties.
8. AGCO reserves the right to hold, void, cancel, suspend, or amend the promotion at any
time. This applies in particular in the event of force majeure or if the promotion cannot be
carried out or continued for other organisational, technical or legal reasons. In such case,
participants are not entitled to any claims against AGCO.
9. Data protection
● AGCO’s data protection practices comply with the applicable data protection
requirements. For more details, see the privacy policy.
10. Written form, severability clause, legal action
● Deviations from these conditions of participation must be made in writing to be
effective. A waiver of the requirement for a written form is also only permissible in
written form.
● Should one or more of the above clauses be or become void, ineffective or
impracticable in whole or in part, the remaining terms and conditions shall remain
in effect. The void, ineffective or impracticable clause shall be replaced by a
valid clause corresponding to the economic purpose of the void, ineffective or
impracticable clause. The same applies if there is a regulatory gap.
● Legal recourse is excluded.
● These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Switzerland and
participants submit to the jurisdiction of the Swiss courts.
11. Selected seats eligible for the free cover offer
Seat Part Number
3931093M92 MF
4272514M92 MF
4352780M97 MF
4352781M96 MF
4352782M97 MF
4376956M93 MF
4376957M94 MF
ACW025207B MF
ACW139540B MF
ACX293947A MF
ACX3109520 MF
ACX3109560 MF
ACX3109590 MF

Subject to franchise agreement. Dealers cannot order qualifying seats for other brands
Drive SMART 2023 – Free Seat Cover – FAQs
What if the seat I want is not in the promotion and I would like a seat cover?
If your required seat is not in the promotion and you wish to order a cover for it, please contact
your dealer for the range of Genuine AGCO seat covers available and purchase the one required.
Is there an alternative if I do not want the seat cover?
No, there is no alternative. If the seat qualifies then a cover will be sent to your dealer.
When will the seat cover arrive?
A quantity of covers has been ordered and stocked ahead of the promotion. The covers should
arrive at your dealer within a week of the order being placed. In the event of the required cover
being out of stock, it will be forwarded to your dealer as soon as possible.
What if the seat is not despatched by AGCO before the end of the promotion?
If the seat is ordered on or before 30th April 2023 it still qualifies and a free cover will
be despatched.
I ordered the seat, but I still don’t have my cover.
If there is a qualifying order where a cover has not been sent to your dealer, please liaise with
them to resolve this.
I live in another market and have seen the offer and would like the free cover.
The promotion is only available in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain and
the United Kingdom. Genuine covers are available to be purchased.
What if the cover sent does not fit the seat I ordered?
All covers are tailored fit so there should be no issues with the fitment. It might be for another
seat you have ordered. If that is not the case, and an incorrect cover has been sent, please
contact your dealer