Massey Ferguson launches 7 new Smart Machines & Services during its Born to Farm Digital Launch Event


Born to Farm

Born to Far

Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), was delighted to host so many viewers during its Born to Farm event, a celebration of farming with all those who were Born to farm around the globe.. Those, in fact, who do not stop because they are tired, but because they finished the job. A very special day for Massey Ferguson as we are bringing 7 new Born to Farm Smart Machines and Digital Services, designed and built with – and for- farmers.

Massey Ferguson has always been a family company, passionate about helping other family entrepreneurs like farmers and dealers.”, said Thierry Lhotte, Vice-President & Managing Director Massey Ferguson Europe and Middle East.

“Born to Farm brings to the world something that conveys a strong meaning compared to many other jobs: contributing to the production of sustainable and quality food for a growing population” added Mr Lhotte.


Massey Ferguson’s new Smart Machines & Digital Services introduced during Born to Farm Event:

  • The New MF 6S – Compact, lightweight and manoeuvrable, these are supreme all-rounders 4-cylinder tractors from 135 to 200hp with EPM – please refer to dedicated press release;
  • The New MF 7S – Stable, Powerful, Precise and Dependable – All the power of a 6-cylinder tractor from 155 to 220 hp with EPM – Please refer to dedicated press release;
  • The New MF 8S – now going up to 305hp with the addition of the new Dyna-VT transmission, Top Power to weight ratio, – Please refer to dedicated press release;
  • The New MF TH telehandler series – Precision, Ergonomics, Comfort – introduced to the press on June, 21st;
  • The New MF E-Loader feature – a new auto-control function that helps to increase loading efficiency, accuracy, productivity and safety – please refer to dedicated press release;
  • Addressing farming’s sustainability through:
    • The New MF Connect telemetry and MF Monitoring Centre, maximising uptime;
    • The New Precision Farming and Digital Farming Packages, lowering environmental impact and boosting productivity.


Massey Ferguson’s Global Farmers First approach

Farmers keep telling us they want a fully personalised experience with us: machines and services answering their individual needs, a close relation with their dealer and a direct access to the brand, last but not least, they want pragmatic innovation and technologies to make farming operations easier and more profitable.

“Farmers are at the centre of everything we do, but all famers are different. All farms have different needs therefore they require products and services tailored for their own businesses”, said Francesco Murro, Vice President, Massey Ferguson Global Marketing, Sales Enablement & Product Partnerships

“Our Global approach to New Smart Machines and Digital Services leverages our broad and diverse global customer base, which has enabled us to include since day one in our projects all customer requirements, always looking at the long-term trends occurring in our industry, such as Agriculture 4.0, The European Green Deal and Sustainability”, added Mr Murro.


Leveraging Massey Ferguson’s Global Full-line machines and services

With these new introductions, Massey Ferguson is keeping its promise of a massive full-line product offensive initiated by its MF Growing Together 5 plan back in 2017.

“Here they are all around us! Brand new Massey Ferguson straightforward and dependable Full Line of Sustainable Smart machines is now a reality. And, in fact, from 2019 till the end of this year, 90% of our entire full line of products will have been renewed”, said Thierry Lhotte.

This offensive includes:

  • A fully rejuvenated tractor Range from 45 to 405 hp: high specifications with S and Medium Specs with the M providing farmers with exactly what they need;
  • We are now extending our range of implements introducing the new comfortable and even more productive true MF TH agricultural telehandlers;
  • For livestock/dairy and mixed farms, our full green line of mowers, rake, tedders, balers, and wrappers ranges is providing high quality hay and forage nutrition for farm cattle.


Sustainability: Leveraging pragmatic technology to optimise on-farm environmental impact

Nowadays consumers do not only look at the price tag but want to have more transparency on where their food comes from and how it has been produced. They keep asking farmers to move to new sustainable practices, improving animal welfare, water resources management, and using less pesticide and fertilizers. Farmers need to show that they are part of the solution in terms of sustainable practices consumers are looking at. The point is also that they are far more advanced than people think and, as part of AGCO, Massey Ferguson is aiming to provide them with pragmatic solutions.

The overall concept of Sustainability is broadly discussed these days and is part of our customer’s expectations. MF New Era is not only about machines and how these machines can demonstrate a lower environmental impact, but what goes on around machines – services to help farmers grow their business sustainably, maximize uptime and lower Total Cost of Ownership. Our Voice Of Customer workshops show farmers are very interested in connectivity and precision farming because of the lower inputs, increased yields and maximised Fleet uptime. At the same time the need to demonstrate that they are lowering their environmental impact as well to comply with their customers contracts asking for full traceability of fully sustainable farm practices.

MF Connect Telemetry supports farmers and fleet owners providing straightforward dependability. This predictive system makes farming much comfortable and efficient by maximising uptime. MF Connect transfers seamlessly the machine data through a secured cloud to the farm office desktop or mobile phone App for the farmer to know the machine locations, fuel consumptions, needs to refuel, conditions of the machine. This aids the process of make decision planning.

Should farmers give their consent, data can also be transferred to our New Beauvais MF Monitoring Centre, where our technical service team and MF local dealer can identify possible service or repair needs alerts before any major issues occur.

Taking this further into predictive maintenance, it is clearly going to make a difference making machine fleets more efficient, such as remotely manage the service and parts availability. This is in addition to providing MF Customers with a courtesy machine should they need to keep doing the job on hand with our MF Always Running programme available, in 8 markets in Europe with 1000 tractors ready to go.

MF Connect is available on all MF 6-cylinder tractors as well as on the MF IDEAL Combine, with 5 years’ subscription included as standard, and optional on all other compatible tractors and combine harvesters.


New Precision Farming and Digital packages supporting sustainable practices.

Massey Ferguson is proud to introduce its new pragmatic precision farming solutions, such as MF Guide, Section and Variable Rate Control, with the easy-to-set track or pivot way lines and edit prescription maps, are all part of the new Datatronic 5 and Fieldstar 5 terminals thanks to one new easy-to-use interface.

This will naturally reduce overlaps by between 3% and 10%, meaning: less fuel consumption, reduced time, and inputs, lower fatigue – while focusing on what really matters during the field operations. Field tests on 100ha of our AGCO’s Future Farm in Switzerland have shown an annual saving of approximately 5.000€ with the use of a fully-specified Guidance and Section Control package for applications such as seeding, tillage, fertilizer spreading, crop care and harvest.


MF Task Doc facilitates the documentation of sustainable practices on farm and data exchange

With Task Doc Pro, all working data is transmitted wirelessly, over the air, back and forth from the machine to the farm FMIS system and to trusted farmers partners via the Agrirouter secured cloud. This allows the management of multi-brand fleets while providing farmers with the access at the right time to preferred partners, such as the agronomist, allowing decisions to be made, based on data to improve efficiency and yields.

This will allow, amongst other benefits, work on application maps, optimization of production processes and increased yields. This builds strong documentation for when applying for local subsidies, including Agriculture 4.0 part of the EU Green Deal for example.

“Farmers and contractors will also appreciate that a significant part of those Smart Farming and Connected services are available as standard, as part of cost-effective packages, increasing accuracy and lowering costs of operations, allowing them to choose the exact solution that meets their needs”, said Jérôme Aubrion, Senior Manager, Product Lines, Marketing Leaders Massey Ferguson Europe and Middle East.


The MF Precision Farming Package includes: The MF Precision and Digital Farming Package provides in addition:
  • MF Guide
  • Wayline Assistant
  • MF Section and Variable Rate Control
  • With 24 sections
  • Increased number of sections to 36
  • The ability to connect to any preferred FMIS with Task Doc Pro and Agrirouter service included


“These pragmatic innovations – Precision Farming, MF Monitoring Centre and secured Data exchange – are important steps on the journey we are making to deliver smart machines and connected services to enhance farms’ operational productivity, efficiency and sustainable growth.”, said Thierry Lhotte.

“It is all about making smart machines accessible and easy to use to more farmers across the globe. Our new machines and digital services deliver straightforward and dependable experience providing the best value for farmers. All supported by a range of ‘farmer’s first’ design features, connected to a secured digital ecosystem that provides a range of services to deliver actionable and predictive data that enables any farming business to make better decisions with: 100% machine uptime, low cost of operation and sustainable profitability with lower environment impact.”, concludes Mr Lhotte.